3-2-1 Execute

Welcome to the launch of my new blog. Let’s get right to it. The goal of this blog is to provide helpful tips and articles for Oracle DBA’s, Linux Administrators, NetApp Administrators, and those who use all three of these technologies like I do. I’m learning SQL Server, MySql, and WordPress so perhaps I can post on those topics as well.

My name is Michael Cunningham and I’ve been an Oracle DBA since October 2003. I’ve used oracle since 1998 and even been involved in the design of several data models, but during that time my primary responsibility was writing enterprise level custom business applications. I’ve also been doing Linux Administration for over 3 years and am a Red Hat Certified Engineer.

I’m just getting started with this blog and I suspect it will be a slow start as I get going, but I hope you will come back and even subscribe to the RSS feed when I learn how to do that.

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